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It is really important that you obey the online code.  I have included some websites for you to look at and take note from (blue underlined sites below can be accessed by copying the link and pasting this into google/web address bar).

If you are ever worried or unsure about anything online, on a mobile phone or your computer,  speak to your parents or someone in school.  We can all help you.

Miss Walsh

In Year 5 you will learn:


Statutory requirements/ key skills



Online Research


Comp KS2 7

  • When using the Internet to research their work, children recognise the need to ask appropriate questions to find appropriate answers.
  • Children know that good online research involved interpreting information, rather than copying.
  • Children are able to carry out more refined web searches by using key words.
  • Children evaluate search results and refine as necessary for the best results.
  • Know that information found on websites may be inaccurate or biased and to check the validity of a website. 
  • Develop strategies to ignore or cancel unsolicited advertising (pop-ups, banners, videos or audio).
  • Children use websites where resources can be downloaded without infringing copyright.
  • Acknowledge sources used in their work.


Children’s search engines;


Visit the e-SAFE page on Fronter for tips on Safe Searching


ThinkUKnow Cybercafe Lesson 5, “Responsible use of the Internet”

For copyright free pictures and music;

NEN Gallery

Audio Networks


SMART Rule – Reliable


A great website written by teachers which presents incorrect information to help teacher children to work from at least 3 websites for online reliability.


Communication & Collaboration


Comp KS2 7

  • Be aware of the different forms of technology that can be used to access the Internet and communicate with others. 

ThinkUKnow Cybercafe Lessons:

6 – chatting with care

7 – Using text and picture messaging

8 – behaving responsibly


Captain Kara and Winston’s SMART Adventure (KnowITall), chapter 3, “What Should you keep safe?”




Comp KS2 7

  • Children recognise their own right to be protected from the inappropriate use of technology by others and the need to respect the rights of other users.

KS 2 Safer Internet Day Assembly video.


School Internet Acceptable Use Policy

“Where’s Klaus” video from CEOPS ThinkUKnow website


SMART Rules – Tell, Messages