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 It is really important that you obey the online code.  I have included some websites for you to look at and take note from (blue underlined sites below can be accessed by copying the link and pasting this into google/web address bar).

If you are ever worried or unsure about anything online, on a mobile phone or your computer,  speak to your parents or someone in school.  We can all help you.

Mr Crossman

In Year 4 we will learn:


Statutory requirements/ key skills



Online Research


Comp KS2 7

  • Use internet search engines to gather resources for their own research work. 
  • Be aware of different search engines and discuss their various features (e.g. Google image & video search).
  • Show children how to change the ‘Search Settings’ to Strict in Google.
  • Understand the importance of framing questions into search criteria when conducting web searches.
  • Be aware that not everything they find online is accurate and that information needs to be checked and evaluated.


Use the e-SAFE Fronter page (Safe Searching page for other tips)


Children’s search engines;


ThinkUKnow Cybercafe Lesson 5, `Responsible use of the internet’ (click on Jason for the web browsing section)

KnowITall Activity 2 (The SMART Adventure); complete the website treasure hunt

CyberQuoll Episode 2 – ‘Finding Stuff’ (safe searching) and lessons 2.1-2.5

Spoof website

SMART Rule - Reliable

E-Safety Communication & Collaboration


Comp KS2 7

  • Children use online communication tools to exchange and develop their ideas in a range of curriculum opportunities.
  • Use sensitive and appropriate language when using online communication tools.
  • Use email as a form of communication, use the “To” box and add a subject heading.
  • Add an attachment to an email.
  • Develop understanding of when it is unsafe to open an email or an email attachment. 

CyberQuoll Episode 3 – ‘Making Waves’ (cyber communication) and lessons 3.1-3.7

ThinkUKnow Cybercafe lesson 1, “Using technology to communicate” & lesson 4, “Using email safely”

SMART Rules - Messages

E-Safety E-Awareness


Comp KS2 7

  • Children understand and abide by the school’s ‘Being SMART Online’ rules and aware of the implications of not following the rules.
  • Children understand that a password can keep information secure and the need to keep it a secret.


School Internet Acceptable Use Policy

KS1 and 2 Safer Internet Day Assembly video


Top Tips for Safe Surfing poster from LGFL

KS2 Internet Safety poster from KGFL

KnowIT All Activity 3 (The SMART Adventure); drama activity highlighting an e-Safety issue.

“Where’s Klaus” video from CEOPS ThinkUKnow website


SMART Rules - Safe