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It is really important that you obey the online code.  I have included some websites for you to look at and take note from (blue underlined sites below can be accessed by copying the link and pasting this into google/web address bar).

If you are ever worried or unsure about anything online, on a mobile phone or your computer,  speak to your parents or someone in school.  We can all help you.

Miss Cope

In Year 2 we will be learning:


Online Research


Comp KS1 5

  • Children explore a range of age-appropriate digital resources.
  • Children to know that not everything they find online is accurate.
  • Know that some websites contain advertisements (often embedded) and learn how to ignore them.
  • Children to know what to do if they find something inappropriate online. 
  • Children discuss, understand and abide by the school’s e-Safety SMART Rules

Dongle Stay Safe quiz and reinforce SMART rules from CBBC Staysafe


Websites to aid research, e.g.;

Barnaby website to find out about his trips and how he travels.


School’s Poster ‘Being SMART Online Rules’


SMART Rule – Know that not information online is RELIABLE and true. Ask and adult if you are unsure.

SMART Rules – TELL someone if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Book: ‘Digi duck’ to read and discuss.


Communication & Collaboration


Comp KS1 5

Children are able to send suitable and purposeful emails, developing awareness of appropriate language to use.

Children know that passwords help to keep information safe and secure and that they should not be shared

Children contribute to a class discussion forum. 


Discussion forums or messaging system on school learning platform. 

School email system


SMART Rule – Only send and read MESSAGES with people you know. Messages should always be polite.

SMART Rule – Keep passwords and other special information SAFE




Comp KS1 5

Children are aware that not everyone they meet online is automatically trustworthy.

Children understand that personal information is unique to them and should not be shared without a teacher or parent’s permission.

Children identify characteristics of people who are worthy of their trust.

FauxPaw video from to highlight that not everyone is trustworthy

CEOP Thinkuknow resources, based on Hector’s World.

        lesson 1 – personal information is special

        lesson 2 – not everyone is trustworthy

        lesson 3 – assessing trustworthiness

        lesson 4 – being alert to unsafe situations

        lesson 5 – check with an adult


Dongle Pop video and StaySafe quiz (to introduce SMART rules- All but the rule for M is the same as our school’s SMART Rules)


SMART Rules – Know that not all information online is RELIABLE and true. Ask an adult if you are unsure.


SMART Rule – Keep passwords and other special information SAFE