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Hello, yesterday we sent home homework tasks for the holidays. We always like to ensure the children have family time and time to relax in the holidays but as we are so close to SATs we have provided a couple of extra tasks.


One is a short task about Walter Tull (he is in the news at the moment so it would be good if the children get chance to find out a bit about him and discuss it with someone). Next there are two 15-minute arithmetic tests (the children have been doing really well at these in school and it helps you see what they can do and keeps the calculations fresh in their mind). Finally, there is a maths booklet. Please feel free to do as much or as little as you like from this - it is more practice of things children have done and link to the revision guides.


Can the arithmetic sheets and Walter Tull work be in on the first day back, homework pages in books back in on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the holiday as usual, and the maths booklet back when the children have done all that you want them to do. Finally, please keep up with the reading and learning keyword spellings (highlighted booklet in the back of the reading record).


We do not wish the homework to feel too much - please do what feels appropriate for your child and your holidays, however we are frequently asked how parents can support and these are the most relevant materials for what the children need at this point. Many thanks and Happy Easter.

Homework due 6th Feb


We are sorry that the homework was not updated on the website last week. However we always write it on the board in the classroom and ask the children to write it in their diaires. Therefore we are not sympathetic to children who happily smile at us saying 'I didn't know what to do'. We are really encouraging the children to develop their responsibility and independence and continue to try to instil in them the understanding that they must be organised in this. Of course we continue to welcome your support at home in this. Many children have now cracked this!


This week - maths:

Foundation - 8, 9 13

Standard - 10, 11, 13

Advanced - 10, 29

These pages are revision of work taught in year 5 or 6 and the study guides can support in this. One of the biggest problems for the group is thinking logically about what is being asked and giving it a go - vital for tests in the future. The ideal situation is that your child has a go by themselves on a few then checks with you before continuing. If you can see there are errors then give them some guidance so they can reattempt. We can help in class to pick up difficulties of course but it is good if they have used the study guide to help and attempted it first.

SPELLING:  Your child has brought home an individual list of the year 3, 4, 5 and 6 key words. We work on and test these regularly in school and the record shows where your child is at the latest point of testing. They have chosen 10 words to work on. Some children know all the words so we will randomly choose words to check they have remembered them. We hope that is clear. We aim to test words Monday and Tuesday next week and after half term. 

Homework due: TUESDAY 23rd January



Orange books for some children only.

Foundation - p36 and 37

Standard - p28 and 29

Advanced - P23, 55 and 56



Some background research and planning for 500 Words Story Competition



due Tuesday 16th January.

Maths: Converting measures


Foundation- pages 50,51,52,53

Standard- pages 50,51,52,53

Advance-pages 51,52,53,54


SPAG-Due Wednesday 17th January

Verbs and tense: pages 19,20,21 


Homework due 10th January


The children were given time in class on this and it was set 2 weeks before Christmas so technically the children had no Christmas homework. 

Saturn class have to prepare for a presentation to perform to the class next month. Therefore, homework is to research a topic of interest. It could be a charity or something which you are passionate about such as video games but you must think of a question to answer to write a presentation from. Homework is RESEARCH ONLY (at least one page of writing and try 3 websites/research areas)



Homework due Wednesday 6th December


Maths- Rounding and BIDMAS


Foundation- p. 16-17              

Standard- p. 12



You also must complete: You need to find the highest and lowest numbers, using BIDMAS, with these numbers and functions. USE ALL OF THEM PER QUESTION.


a)    3, 7, 9, 2  x x +


b)    5,7,8,9 X + - 


SPaG-Adverbials  p. 16-17

Homework due on Wednesday 29th November


Maths - fractions sheet stapled into your book

Orange books - equivalent fractions work (some children only)


SPAG - pages 27, 28 and 29 Formal language

Homework due Wednesday 22nd November


Maths: multiplying/dividing (with decimals)

Foundation pp. 18-19

Standard: pp. 20, 21, 22

Advance: pp. 16, 17, 18, 19


Mrs Stanley's orange books (only a few children)



pp. 30-31


Homework w/b 30th October


Homework due on Wednesday 8th November



Foundation-Factors p.33

Standard-Multiples and factors p.24

Advanced-Factors, multiples and primes p.21


SPaG- Commas in a list p.40 and p.43 (Commas after introductions)


Plus a homework on 'Day of the Dead' from Mrs Stanley-see handouts.

Homework due for Tuesday 17th Oct-which gives you the half term off 

and fewer pages too!:

Reading at least four times per week with the reading record completed.

Maths Coordinates:






SPaG (English books)-Sentence Practice

pages 38-39

I will mark this piece of work in class along with last week's homework.

Homework due for 11th Oct:

Reading at least four times per week with the reading record completed.

Maths (Practice Test 1 ready for a Y6 Test on 11th and 12th October, in class):






SPaG (English books)-Punctuation: Capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks

pages 36-37


Spellings-as of the Dojo message:

Spellings in diaries (6th November); additional sheet/word(s) due 16th October for a test in class.

Thank you.

Homework due for 4th Oct (before the Rainforest trip):

Reading a newspaper and discussing the articles - recording some thoughts in your reading record. We have sent a newspaper home with everyone.

Maths (division):





SPaG (English books)

pages 8,9,10-synonyms and antonyms.  You will need a dictionary!


Please note: Due to a very busy week, not all books have been marked but they will be marked next time.

Homework due for 27th Sept:

Maths: Foundation pg 22 and 23, Standard pg 14 and 15, Advanced pg 38 and 39

English: pg 4 and 5 nouns and adjectives


Homework due for 3rd Oct:

Science - Living things exploring sheet

Homework for Mrs Dunstone

Complete the Mexican storyboard by Thursday 14th Sept - use colour!