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June 2019 Newsletter

Moving Up: Classes for September

We often announce who will teach which class in a letter accompanying your child’s report. However this year, as sometimes happens, we are in a position to let you know sooner than that. Class teachers from Term 1 in September are:

  • ‘Pluto’ (Reception): Miss Cleverley
  • ‘Mars’ (Year 1): Miss Cope
  • ‘Neptune’ (Year 2): Miss Collings
  • ‘Mercury’ (Year 3): Miss Walsh
  • ‘Venus’ (Year 4): Miss Kennedy
  • ‘Jupiter’ (Year 5): Mr. Butterfield
  • ‘Saturn’ (Year 6): Mrs. Dunstone and Mrs. Townsend

Mrs. Townsend has been appointed to share the teaching in Year 6. She is a highly experienced Key Stage 2 teacher who will work closely with Mrs. Dunstone to provide high quality learning in ‘Saturn’ class.


Smooth Transition

Mrs. Vousden, Nursteed School’s new head teacher, visited last week. She began to get to know the children by visiting each class in turn and by giving every child a letter introducing herself. They, in turn, are replying to introduce themselves.

Mrs. Vousden will visit again before the end of term to liaise with all the relevant people so that the transition to her leadership is as smooth as possible.


Lost Words

You’ve received information about this term’s whole school project based on the book ‘Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. It’s great to see classes doing creative things with this theme.

As part of the project we plan to take everyone to Hillworth Park for a day of interesting and motivating activities. This will be on Monday July 8th. We’ll be looking for volunteer adults to accompany the children so will be asking for help on this day (we’ll give priority to those who are already DBS checked). Further details to follow soon.


Testing Time

Well done to the children in Year 6 who recently completed their end of Key Stage 2 tests. They approached the challenge positively and with good humour and have, no doubt, done very well. They certainly all tried their very best… and we can ask no more.

Various other statutory assessments have also been completed in other year groups. The results of these will be communicated to parents with the end-of-year reports in early July.


Open Evening

Please take the chance to review your child’s school year by attending our Open Evening on Wednesday July 10th. It’s also a good chance to visit your child’s new classroom and say hello to his/her new teacher. You'll have received your child’s end of year report by this time so if there’s anything you want to discuss you should be able to do that then. Alternatively, please arrange an after-school appointment with your child’s teacher for this purpose.


Professional Development Days

The final two professional development days this year, when the school is closed to children, are:

  • Friday June 28th
  • Thursday July 25th (making the Wednesday of this week the last day of the school year for children).

Next year’s professional development days are yet to be finalised but the following two are known:

  • Monday September 2nd (making the Tuesday of this week the first day of the school year for most children. N.B. younger Reception children start on Thursday September 5th.)
  • Monday November 4th.


Life Education

Our visit from the Life Education mobile classroom was unfortunately cancelled due to the illness of our visiting teacher. We’ll try to arrange another visit though the likelihood of doing this before the end of the term is regrettably low. We’ll let you know what we manage to do…


Sports Day

This is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday June 27th. We’ll start at 1:30 if the weather is good. If the weather is uncertain a decision will be made on the basis of the forecast by the start of Thursday morning and announced in the usual ways. We look forward to seeing you cheering your children on, enjoying the sunshine...


Term Dates

Term dates for 2019-2020 are now available on the school’s website.

Please note the changed date for the second May bank holiday: Friday May 8th.


Stick to the Paths

At the end of the school day please keep children off the grassy banks at the front of school. There are places where a fall from height is possible so we ask that children remain on the paths so it's clear at a glance that no-one is putting themselves in harm's way. Thank you.



Please take great care near the school if you drive at the beginning or end of the day. Please do NOT drive on to the school site (unless you are one of the tiny handful with explicit permission to do so). If you can avoid using a car, please do. Thank you.