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November 2018 Newsletter

Winter Weather

Our unexpected snowy morning caused excitement… but if things get more serious we may have to consider closing the school. We’ll let you know in several ways. By far the best and most reliable way will be a text message to your ‘phone which we’d send as soon as the decision is made. We’ll also tell local radio, place a message on the school website and put a notice at the school gate – these would take a bit longer to organise. If you listen to the radio it’ll be on BBC Radio Wiltshire and Wiltshire Heart Radio.


If there’s no announcement then the school remains open.


If it’s icy or snowy and we’re able to open we’ll clear a single path to the classrooms and ask that you stay on it. The car park is not cleared, but parents should not be using this anyway.


Class Dojo

You’ve told us loud and clear that you like Class Dojo as a way to communicate with school, and teachers find it useful too. In our September newsletter (still available) we explained how we see it working and also what it’s not for. Please note the following additional points:


  • Teachers will reply to Dojo messages during normal office hours only. Of course you can send a message anytime but please don’t expect a reply beyond these times.

  • Please don’t use Dojo to seek information that’s available elsewhere, e.g. confirmation of clubs which have been clearly announced at the start of the term. Teachers will probably not reply to requests like this. Instead, please refer to the information that we’ve already distributed or contact school office staff who will be glad to help.
  • Finally, please use the service in a measured way. We can’t promise to respond to multiple messages in a day.

Thank you.


Children in Need

We enjoyed our visit from Pudsey! Thank you for your contributions on the day: together we raised almost exactly £200.


What Parents Think

It was good to see so many parents at parents' evenings. Thank you for providing the school governors with feedback about your child's school experience. You can see the results of the questionnaire here. We're very glad to have received such positive responses from so many. We're always available to discuss any aspect of school, good or not so good, so please get in touch if you need to at any time.


Child Protection

Nursteed School has robust policies and practices regarding safeguarding. All our processes are reviewed thoroughly each year by senior leaders, and overseen by the school governors. Updated documentation for this aspect of the school’s life is always available on the school website.


One way that parents can help children be safe and happy in school is to encourage them to speak with a school adult about things that might be concerning them. Perhaps you could ask your child which school adult or adults they feel able to speak to if they had a worry? Of course, if you need to speak for your child we’re entirely happy for you to do so, but it helps if children have the confidence to do it for themselves.


Children throughout the school recently attended an assembly about keeping themselves safe, led by NSPCC personnel. ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Saturn’ classes enjoyed a workshop to develop these themes further. We’re always impressed by the quality of the presentations by the NSPCC, so were glad to welcome them back again.


Car Park

Please don’t drive on to the school site at the beginning and end of the school day (unless you have explicit permission of course).


Wiltshire Independent Visitor Scheme

What is it?

Young people who are in care often experience a lot of disruption in their lives; there may be many adults involved with them, but these may change over time. An Independent Visitor is someone outside social services who can be a consistent figure in their lives. All visitors are vetted and trained independent adult volunteers, who have some time and space in their life to spend with a young person. They are lay people, who bring many different skills, interests and personal qualities to their role with the scheme.

What do Independent Visitors do?

The role of an Independent Visitor is to visit, advise and befriend the child or young person with whom they are linked, offering them consistency, support, advice and encouragement. They will usually visit every three or four weeks for around two to three hours. Activities are based around a young person’s interests and might include things such as dog-walking, visiting somewhere new, playing a sport, or just chatting over a drink or snack. What is done at each visit is decided on by the volunteer and the young person, but there is an emphasis on spending quality time together to build a relationship.

Who can refer to the Independent Visitor Scheme?

If you think you know a young person in care to Wiltshire Council who might like an Independent visitor, please talk to their allocated Social Worker.

Who can apply to become an Independent Visitor?

Someone who is independent from the Council (not a foster carer, residential worker, councillor, teacher or member of children’s social care staff. If you know someone who you think would make a good Independent Visitor please ask them to get in touch with the scheme.

For more information please contact:

Anthony Andrews on 01225 713961 or Sheila Lupton on 01225 713934

or email or