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October 2018 Newsletter

Star Struck

It was great to welcome Brit nominee Carly Paoli to school last week. Carly is a classical singer, keen to share her love of music with children. She led a workshop, which all our Key Stage 2 children joined in with enthusiastically. You can read a bit more about this special event on the Gazette and Herald’s website.


Parents’ Evenings

If you've requested an appointment at one of our forthcoming parents’ consultation evenings you should by now have received a slip telling you when it will be. If you haven’t sorted this yet please get in touch so we can arrange a suitable time. It’s really important that ‘home’ and ‘school’ work well in partnership, so please don’t miss out. (Discussions between parents and teachers are happening on Wednesday November 7th and Thursday November 8th.)


Book Fair

Timed to coincide with parents’ evenings, we have the ever popular Scholastic Book Fair in school at the start of next term. We’re keen to encourage reading just as much as we can, and this is a convenient way for you to select a book or two that your child will enjoy. Every book purchased also attracts commission to the school (also in the form of books), so we’re able to expand our library stock too.


Lantern Parade

The Devizes lantern parade is a brilliant community event that lots of families like to join in with. This year, as in the past, we're organising a lantern-making workshop to get ready for it. The workshop is on Saturday November 24th, from 10:00 to 12:00. Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult. There's a charge of just £2 and all materials are supplied. The parade itself is on Friday November 30th. 


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thanks to everyone who came along to our coffee morning, or bought a cake, we raised an impressive £325 for this worthy cause. Thank you to 'Saturn' class, Friends and Mrs. Dunstone who once again made this all happen.


Textile Bin

Don't forget we can recycle unwanted clothes, belts, paired shoes, bags, hats, bedding and towels. As well as doing something useful with these no-longer-needed items it also generates funds for the school. Everyone's a winner!


Hallowe’en Disco

Thank you to the parents and teachers who made the recent disco possible. Well over four out of every five Nursteed children came along!


Professional Development Day

Don’t forget that the school is closed to children on Monday November 5th. Term 2 starts for them on Tuesday November 6th.


No Fireworks

Just to remove any doubt about it, the Friends of Nursteed School are not organising a fireworks display this year. We hope you have a happy and safe Bonfire Night, but we won’t be hosting it on this occasion.


School Places

If you have a child in Year 6 you must apply for a secondary school place by October 31st. This process doesn’t happen automatically.

Applications for entry into the Reception year are to a less urgent timetable: get it done by January 15th to have a chance of getting the school place of your choice.


Cars on School Site

Except for a small handful of people with particular reasons parents should not drive onto the school site. Please do not drive through the gate even if it has been inadvertently or temporarily left open. Thank you.