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Tips for practising spelling at home:

  • Read through the spelling list together. Discuss which words can be sounded out phonetically and which cannot.


  • Practise spelling phonetic words (e.g. but, and, him) by sounding out each word carefully and writing down one sound at a time. If the word has more than one syllable, e.g. winter, remind your child to sound out ‘win’ and then ‘ter’.


  • Words that cannot be sounded out, e.g. some, we refer to as ‘tricky words’ as phonetically it would be spelt s-u-m. These words have to be memorised instead.


  • Have your child look at the word and copy it. (This doesn’t always have to be with a pen. Spreading shaving foam across a surface and using your fingers will certainly make spelling practice fun!)


  • Once they have copied it a couple of times cover the word up while your child attempts to write it from memory. Uncover the word to check and make necessary corrections and give lots of praise! Particularly for correct spelling.


  • Spellings can be learnt vocally while you’re on the go but finding time to write them down as well helps commit them to memory, as well as prepare your child for writing them during their spelling test.


  • Avoid referring to letters by their alphabetic name.

Be as inventive as you like to make this fun at home.
- Different coloured pens.
- Special paper.
- Different mediums e.g. paint, shaving foam, sand, pavement chalk, mud and sticks.


​​I would highly recommend the app Spellosaur which can be downloaded to apple and android free of charge. 


Mrs Ridge