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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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22nd June



Hello all,

Well done children in Group B-a great week again!

Children in Group C, we welcome you this week. Remember to bring a carrier bag for your workbooks (including ones from Y5 which Mr Butterfield forgot to send home!!). 
Also don’t forget long sleeves/trousers non-uniform on Friday for the wildlife area.

For those in home-school it’s the same this week, please. A bit of maths, English and something from the Recycling grid daily. If you are not feeling great...think: look after yourselves as a priority and come back to the work the following day or later in the day. No one is judging you! Least of all me, with two children home-learning. We are all trying our best and if our children are happy, then that’s so important for the family and welfare. I have provided links on this webpage if you require mindfulness activities.


I will let you know end of term plans which will take place at 3:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday in the final week (15 pupils maximum with current guidance). If the rules relax then I can change the arrangements, so again, please just bear with me. 

Have a good week everyone!

Mrs Dunstone 



The maths this week is revision of area and perimeter which we looked at in March just before lock-down; so this should be straight forward this week. If your child feels confident, ask them to watch any of the videos in the White Rose home learning- as they are very good- just to avoid any possible gaps before Y7. 😊