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Saturn, it is really important that you obey the online code.  I have included some websites for you to look at and take note from (blue underlined sites below can be accessed by copying the link and pasting this into google/web address bar).

If you are ever worried or unsure about anything online, on a mobile phone or your computer,  speak to your parents or someone in school.  We can all help you.

Mrs D x


Please use this link for an online survey about esafety.

Many thanks 😊

In Year 6 you will learn:


Statutory requirements/ key skills



Online Research

  • Children use a range of sources to check the validity of a website. 
  • Children recognise that different viewpoints can be found on the web.  They critically evaluate the information they use, and understand some of the potential dangers of not doing so.
  • Children are aware of the issues of plagiarism, copyright and data protection in relation to their work.
  • Children select copyright free images and sounds from sources such as the Audio Networks and NEN image gallery.

Children’s search engines;


Revisit school’s ‘Being SMART Online’


CyberQuoll Episode 5– ‘Trying it on’ (cyber marketing) and lessons 5.1-5.6


CyberQuoll Episode 5– ‘Kids in cyberspace’ (the big picture) and lessons 6.1-6.4


For copyright free images;

NEN image gallery

Audio Networks






  • Be aware of the issues surrounding cyberbullying and understanding the impact on an individual of sending or uploading unkind or inappropriate content.
  • Know that malicious adults use the Internet and attempt to make contact with children and know how to report abuse.


School Internet ‘Being SMART online’

KS 2 Safer Internet Day Assembly video.

Clair’s story from CEOP (11-16)

“Let’s fight it together”, Cyberbullying section, accompanied by comprehensive teaching resources and video :


SMART - Reliable