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English LI: To describe using precise, technical vocabulary.

Using the resources below, you will need to select a habitat of your choice and then use parts of animals found in that habitat to create a new creature. ( You can use parts of other creatures if you what to find your own images to crop.)


It needs to be extremely well-adapted for the habitat in which it lives. you could either print and chop the animal pictures attached here or you could use the snipping tool function to copy and paste into an electronic copy.


Once you have created your creature, you need to write some sentences about it. The more specific and detailed you are, the easier future English lessons will be. The intention is to use the best language you can.


These sentences need to describe the features of you animal but you MUST NOT mention the original animal they came from.  e.g. Instead of saying : The animal has polar bear claws, you could say: It has large, powerful, padded paws the size of dustbin lids with razor-sharp claws projecting outwards.


Also, make sure you have given your newly created animal and name for its species.


Remember to upload to dojo your finished work but make sure to save or keep the original safe as you will need to refer to it in future lessons.