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English - to write a paragraph about my creature's habitat

Today's English focus is to write the first paragraph of our non-chronological report. 

This paragraph is all about the environment and habitat where your creature lives. I don't want you to mention any adaptations that your creature has to survive in the habitat....yet.


STS - 

*Use high quality scientific language

*Use a range of clause structures - e.g. varying the position of the subordinate clause and using fronted adverbials.

*Describe the climate - temperatures, rainfall, or other key elements of the 'weather'

*Describe the habitat features. - Are there places to hide from predators? Does it have an abundance of food choices?  etc.



Here is the start of my example paragraph. The creature I created is a Stromgill which is a marine mammal that lives in the night zone of the ocean. Can you spot some of today's STS in my example? - 


Far beneath the breaking waves, the dark depths of the ocean are almost inhospitable to lifeforms. With temperatures that plummet well below freezing, a complete absence of sunlight and stealthily hidden predators stalking the cavernous plant life, it is a wonder that any species can survive at all in this environment.



Now, it's your turn to have a go at writing your own first paragraph.  When you finish writing, I would like you to spend some time re-reading it and do some editing to improve it. Look carefully at the language you have used - can you use a thesaurus to improve your choices.


(If you have used  word to type out your writing, you can highlight the word and then press Shift and F7 together to open the thesaurus and see other words with similar meaning. )


Friday 5th March - English

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