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Friday 18th February 2022


Please read the text on Apollo 13 pages 1 - 7 and then answer the questions on pages 8 and 9.



Imagine you are Florida from the story 'Cosmic'. Write a diary entry about your trip to Space with Liam.

You can include...

  • Liam persuading you to go on the trip
  • The flight to China
  • The taikonaut training
  • Your time in Space
  • Your time on the Moon
  • The message you left
  • How you feel now you're back


Here is a starter you can use...


"Dear Diary, 


I have just been on the most 'Cosmic' trip EVER! It all started when..."



Watch the video (below) and complete the worksheet - this is the first lesson on mixed fractions and will be recapped after half term.



We have PE on Fridays, try the Joe Wicks home work out below!

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 15th Feb