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Daily Jobs:

Reading lists: Today I would like to you have a go at reading your key word lists. How many do you know? Remember you can make flashcards, hide and find them, play snap, use them with your cars and read them as you drive over. Any way to keep reading those words! 

Spelling lists: Pick 3 words you are unsure of, have a go at writing these e.g. in flour, chalks, with paint, magnetic letters etc. Stick with these 3 for now and then when you have learnt those we can move onto 3 more :) 


LI: to say and recognise the sound air.

Here is the link to Mr MC teaching us about our new TRIGRAPH 'air' like in hair and fair.

And a game to finish with:


LI: to explore ways to make 9 and 10

Warm up your brain this morning!

Here is the video by Miss Cooper where you look at way to make 9 and 10. Before you watch this please have a look at the story I have recorded below as Miss Cooper talks about it in her lesson.

I have attached the activity below. Have fun making your own 10 pictures! 

10 black dots story.mp4

Still image for this video


LI: to predict

Watch my lesson on todays learning. Now we have thought of lots of animals that come from eggs. What do you think could be inside the egg in my garden? Can you draw the animal you think it is and label your picture? 


Still image for this video


When we all return to school,  we will be launching a new PSHE programme called Jigsaw. At the beginning of our lessons, we will have 'Calm me time' to help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn. Below is an audio of the Jigsaw Families Calm me time, which can be used at home. It would be great for your child, together with others in the family if possible, to have a go with this calming 6 min session before watching the assembly/story led by Mrs Vousden.

There is also a video of Mrs Vousden reading a story.

Golden Time!

You have worked really hard this week. Well done :)