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LI To write a persuasive letter


Word of the day - endanger
Definition: put something or someone in a situation where they can be harmed or destroyed completely.

Example: There are many endangered species such as they lynx.


We are going to use our plan to write a letter to the giants trying to persuade them not to cut down any more forests. This letter is going to be a more formal letter. Therefore, we need to sound serious and try to use persuasive phrases.

You could use these too: Firstly… Secondly… In my opinion… Some believe that… I feel that… I am sure that…


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Success criteria
-Key reasons clearly explained – use ‘because’
- opening- Using dear 

- closing- who is the letter from.
-Expanded noun phrases ( adjectives)
-Use of repetition – repeat the main ideas

Use my example to see how to set your work out as well as how to open and close your letter.

Dear Giant,


 I am writing to you to ask you to please stop cutting down the forest. I have some important reasons which I will explain. First, cutting down the forest will destroy the natural habitat of many animals. If you do this, where will they live? Without their natural habitat, animals could become endangered or rare species may become extinct, like the dodo did and they will not be around for future generations of children to see. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, would you? In addition to this, plants and flowers will also be destroyed. Many beautiful flowers or ancient trees will be removed. Whilst these are home to many animals, they also provide food for them too. Bees need flowers to survive and bees are very important in helping to pollinate crops so they grow. Trees help to keep our atmosphere healthy and provide us with oxygen that we need to survive. Surely you agree that they are vital for humans as well as animals. I really hope you stop cutting down the forest to make more houses, factories and roads because our animals need their habitats and plants are so important for our atmosphere. I look forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely,

 Miss Collings