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Friday 2nd July

Guided Reading

LI: To retrieve and record from non-fiction. 

English - Teams 9:30am

LI: To use possessive apostrophes.


Using the lists from yesterday, complete the spelling pyramids with your list of words.

Maths - Teams @ 11am

LI: To find the nearest multiple of 100.



Read your school book, or a book from home for 10 minute


LI: To write on a blog.

Watch the video below about blogging

1. Logon to Purple Mash (details below)

2. Click the 'Sharing' button

3. Click 'Shared blogs' 

4. Then click on our blog called 'Learning From Home'

5. Press the green plus button to add a comment about how you feel about learning from home! 

Friday - Computing.mp4

Still image for this video