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Friday 4.2.22

Spellings and Handwriting

Please practise your new spellings. I have attached the documents you would normally have for homework so you can get them done as part of your working school day today! 



Today we will write the beginning paragraph of our story. Try to remember the beginning of Stone Age Boy that we learned. You could have a go at performing it with the actions, too. Now use your plan to write the beginning of your own story but remember you are the main character so you will be writing in first person, using words like 'I' and 'My'. Only write as far as finding yourself back in the Stone Age as we will write th build-up, problem, resolution and ending next week.


It would be great if you also do some editing when  you have finished writing today. You could check for correct punctuation and spellings as well as making sure you are writing in first person throughout.


I can't wait to see the start of your stories!



Today, we will have just one video lesson on Unit Fractions. Please watch the video on the following link and then complete both worksheets.




We will have a PE lesson this afternoon so choose a physical activity of your choice to get some exercise. You could design a fitness circuit or work out session or ask your parents to help you find a suitable activity on Youtube such as Cosmic Yoga or PE with Joe (Joe Wicks).



Golden Time


Now enjoy some well-earned Golden Time! Have a lovely weekend!