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Friday 5th February

Daily Jobs: 

1. Practice your letters. This could be writing in flour, sand, with paints, chalk or pens! Whichever you would like to use. Can you recap the letters we have practiced this week - 'u' and 'y'

2. Reading. You could read your school book, a story from EPIC, Oxford Owl or homemade flashcards. I have also uploaded a few sentences which you could read if you would prefer. 


LI: to read and write the 'oi' digraph

Here is a song to recap the digraphs we have learnt so far.

Today Mr MC is teaching us all about the 'oi' sound like in 'coin' and 'join'

Here is a game to play too.


LI: to read and write key words

Watch my video where I model reading our keys words. Today I would like you to see how many of your reading and spelling lists you know. If you have got them all right then you can move onto the the list using this link Remember if you have been focusing on 3 or 4 then you only need to try those ones, if you get those ones correct you can move onto another 3/4 words. 


Still image for this video


LI: to add more

Warm up our brains with this song -

Today Miss Cooper is teaching you all about adding. 

Here is the link (Session 5)

I have uploaded the activity. Today you will need to make a number track, I have added one to print or you could draw one. (a strip with numbers 1-10 written on) If you don't have a dice you could make number dot cards for the children to use instead (6 cards and each card having a different number of spots on similar to the dice patterns) No extra activity today. 

I have also added the video this way incase the other link isn't working.


Have a look at the assembly led by Mrs Vousden.

There is also a video of Mrs Vousden reading a story.

Golden Time!

You have worked really hard this week - Well done everyone :)