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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Together We Achieve More’


The responsibility for the strategic management of the school is shared between the head teacher and the school governors.


Governing Bodies have a range of duties and powers including:

  • Helping to establish, with the head teacher, the aims and policies of the school

  • Advising on spending the school budget
  • Ensuring that the National Curriculum and Religious Education are provided
  • Selecting the head teacher
  • Appointing, promoting, supporting and disciplining staff
  • Providing outside advice, acting as a link between the local community and school.

The Governing Body has a general responsibility for strategic management of the school. It is not expected to take detailed decisions about the day to day running of the school – that is the function of the head teacher and other staff. The Governing Body is a group: individual members have no power, except when the whole Governing Body has delegated a specific power to an individual. The Governing Body meets at least twice a term.


Chair of Governors: Mr. J. Parker

Clerk: Mrs. A. McPhee

The quorum to hold meetings and for all business is 6.


Teaching and Learning Committee

Chair:  Vacancy


Resources Committee

Chair: Mr. A Geddes


Members of the Governing Body

The following governors served in the school year 2018-2019:


Mr. A. Batchelor

Appointed: 13/04/13

Term of office: 12/04/20

Stepped down: 12/11/19

Appointment: Local Authority


Mr. B. Butterfield

Appointed: 03/09/16

Term of office: 04/09/20

Stepped down:  31/08/2019

Appointment: Staff


Mr. P. Corbett

Appointed: 23/01/17

Term of office: 22/01/21

Appointment: Co-opted


Mrs. J. French

Appointed: 02/10/17

Term of office: 01/10/21

Appointment: Parent


Mr. M. Fry

Appointed: 21/01/19

Term of office: 20/01/23

Appointment: Co-opted


Mr. A. Geddes

Appointed: 26/01/15

Term of office: 20/01/23

Appointment: Co-opted


Mr. T. Heath

Appointed: N/A

Term of office: N/A

Stepped down: 31/08/2019

Appointment: Staff (head teacher)


Mr. O. Howells

Appointed: 23/03/15

Term of office: 20/01/23

Stepped down:  12/11/19

Appointment: Parent


Miss. J. Jennedy

Appointed: 16/09/2019

Term of office: 15/09/23

Appointment: Staff


Mr. J. Parker

Appointed: 19/09/17

Term of office: 18/09/21

Appointment: Co-opted


Mrs. S. Peters

Appointed: 10/02/12

Term of office: 09/02/20

Stepped down:  21/01/2019

Appointment: Staff


Mr. C. Robson

Appointed: 02/10/17

Term of office: 01/10/21

Appointment: Parent


Mrs. K. Vousden

Appointed: 01/09/2019

Term of office: N/A

Appointment: Staff (headteacher)


A register of business and pecuniary interests is completed at all governors' meetings.

No such interests have been declared.


The table below records the attendance record of governors in the last school year.