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Half-term Homework

Half-term Homework 1

Homework week 1 January 2019


Maths: Due Monday 14th January

Foundation: p. 56-57 (money)

Standard: p. 22 (BIDMAS)

Advanced: p. 18-19 (BIDMAS)



Research any additional facts you need for Youth Speaks

Week 4

Maths due Monday 26/11

F: p.43, 44

S: p. 28, 29

A: p. 23,27


SPAG due Wed 28/11


p. 28,29,30 Conjunctions

Term 2 week 3 


Maths due in 26th Nov

Foundation - pg 43 and 44

Standard - pg 28 + 29

Advanced - pg 23 + 27

Week 2


Maths- due Monday 19/11

F: p.38, 39

S: p.33 and tabs

A: p.24 and 26


SPaG-due Wednesday 21/11

p 41, 46 and 47 (apostrophe for omission and commas for lists)

Term 2 Week 1


Maths due Monday 12/11-Fractions


Foundation: p. 36-37

Standard: p. 30-31

Advance: p.22-23


SPaG due Wednesday 14/11-Punctuation




Plus, please read and record at least four times per week, adding new vocabulary words to your Reading Records.

Also remember to practise your weekly spellings for tests on Monday and Friday.


Week 6 

MATHS: Foundation p28-29, Standard p20-21, Advanced p16-17

due Monday 15th Oct


SPaG-  Mixed Practice p.18,19,20,21 (p.18-21)

Due Wednesday 17th October

Week 5 Homework


Maths due in Monday 8th October


F: p.22-23

S: p. 18-19

A: p. 13,14,15


SPaG due in Wednesday 10th October


Pronouns p.4-5

Determiners p.6,7


Make sure you are also learning for spelling patterns for tests on Mondays and Fridays



Maths: foundation p18, 19, 22, standard p13, 16, 17, advanced p10, 11, 12

due in  Monday 1st October


OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL HOMEWORK: Find out about and print or draw a/some recruitment posters from the first world war. OR create your own.


SPAG due in on Wednesday 3rd October


Prepositions p. 16 and 17


Maths Foundation - pages 10, 11 and 20, Standard - pages 14 and 15, Advanced - no extra this week


SPaG homework due Wednesday 26th September


Adverbs pages 14-15

Week 2 (homework given on 11th Sept)

Maths - all groups page 8 and 9. (Advanced to do both books) Remember to use study guides to help if necessary.

Due in TUESDAY 18th September

Week 2 SPaG homework due Wednesday 19th September


Verbs-pages 8,9,10


Week 1 homework:

MATHS due 11th Sept 

Foundation, Standard, Advanced - all page 6-7 (Advanced group need to do p6-7 in both books)

Week 1 SPaG homework due Wednesday 12th September



You have been given a blue SPaG study guide to help you.  If you are still unsure, come and speak to us, by Monday, for support.

Spelling Tasks-Keywords set on a Monday for a test on the following Monday.

Year 6 words set on a Friday for a test on the following Friday.  All words are stuck in your Diaries.