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Monday 11th Jan

Guided Reading

Read pages 24-29 of 'King Henry VIII's Shoes' and answer the vocabulary questions below.


LI: To multiply efficiently.

Look through the PowerPoint and complete one of the worksheets. The concept of efficient multiplication is to choose the easiest/quickest method to complete a calculation. This lesson will teach children different methods to multiply. 

Challenge - if you have finished a worksheet and would like to try something harder, try the challenge.

English - Live Session

LI: To use adverbials for time. 

In a diary we need to use adverbials for time to help the reader understand when the events are happening.  E.g. soon after that, a while later, once he finished.

Try to complete activities 1 and 2  after the session and post on your portfolio. 

5 Minute Maths


Weekly Fitness Challenge