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Monday 18th January

Daily Jobs:

  1. Practice writing your name using cursive letters – you can use pens, chalk or get a tray of flour, rice etc. and have a go! If you can already write your name have a go with other letters using the handwriting strip. There are also videos here to show you the cursive writing.
  2. Share your school book. If you have read your book lots of times you can find lots here:    Username: pluto1234        Password: Nursteed
  3. Practise your reading lists. You should now be reading and writing these lists. 


Learning intention: to recognise and blend ‘qu’

Use your phonic book to recap the sounds we have learnt so far. Thus is a great song to help with actions too..

Today we are learning the sound ‘qu’

Part 2

Here is the link to the game:



Learning intention: to understand the words ‘title’ and ‘author’  

Watch my video looking back at all of our work. We have worked extremely hard on our Room on the Broom story and produced lots of fantastic work.

Today we are going to make a front cover for all of our work. Look at the front cover of the story. What does author mean? Who is the author of all of your work? What does the word title mean?

Create a cover and don’t forget to add your name and the title! 


Still image for this video


Learning intention: to explore ways to make 5

Warm up our brains with one of our favourite songs:

In todays White Rose Maths session we will be continuing to explore number bonds to 5. Watch the video Week 2 Session 4

After you have finished watching the video have a go at the following activities. I have also uploaded the sheet for you to have a go at that links with this lesson. 

UTW (RE -Religious Education)

If we were in school we would be learning about Chinese New Year. Watch these videos where Abbie gets ready to celebrate Chinese new year!

Could you have a go at making your own dragon or rattle drum?