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Monday 1st February

Daily Jobs: 

1. Practice your letters. This could be writing in flour, sand, with paints, chalk or pens! Whichever you would like to use. Today our letter is 'y' here is a video to help:

2. Reading. You could read your school book, a story from EPIC, Oxford Owl or homemade flashcards. I have also uploaded a few sentences which you could read if you would prefer. 


LI: to read and write the 'oa' sound. 

Watch my video where I teach you all about the 'oa' sound.

Here is a game for after the video to practice reading 'oa' words.


Still image for this video


LI: to write a list

Watch my video where I receive a mysterious parcel! What could be in it? I would like you to write a list of 4 things you think could be in my parcel. You could write them after watching my video or alongside. Remember if writing is tricky you could write some and build the rest out of magnetic letters etc. 



Still image for this video


LI: to recognise 6, 7 and 8 

Warm up our brains with this counting song -

Today Miss Cooper is teaching you all about recognising what numbers 6, 7 and 8 can look like using ladybird spots. 

Here is the link (Session 1)

I have uploaded the activity below with an optional extra. 

Understanding The World. 

Today we are going to build our boat! Last week we experimented with floating and sinking  and you designed the boat you think will float, today I would like you to use the materials you picked to build your own pirate ship! Could you add a flag to your boat? Does it have a pirate on board?