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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Monday 1st March

Guided Reading

LI: To discuss how language contributes to meaning.

Read the last 3 pages of Chapter 3 and answer the questions.


LI: To write a newspaper report

Look at the newspaper example below begin writing your newspaper report using your plan. You do not have to finish today as we will work on this tomorrow as well. Make sure you take this to school or home with you depending on where you are learning tomorrow.


Introduction - who, what, when where, how

Paragraphs - explain what happened using facts and include quotes

Conclusion - what will happen in the future?


LI: To add 2 or more fractions.

Watch the video and complete the activity. Just complete the first page if you are finding it tricky.


Read to yourself or a grown up 10-15 minutes. Post a picture of your reading or your reading book on Dojo! 


Calm Me Time

LI: To learn how to take responsibility for my actions.

Watch the video below.

Monday PSHE Lesson.mp4

Still image for this video