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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Daily Jobs: 

1. Practice your letters. This could be writing in flour, sand, with paints, chalk or pens! Whichever you would like to use. Today our letter is 'q'  here is a video to help:

2. Reading. You could read your school book, a story from EPIC or Oxford Owl. I have also uploaded a few sentences which you could read if you would prefer. 


LI: To write simple words

Have a look at this game with Mr MC

Now you can complete one of the activities below. The winter one is single sounds and the football one is a challenge using digraphs. I will upload to dojo if you would like to complete electronically. 


LI: To write a shopping list

Today Miss Cleverley needs your help! I do not know how to look after a baby animal. I need to go to the shop but can you help me write a shopping list of all the things I will need? e.g. food, milk, blanket, nest etc. 


Still image for this video


LI: count back from 10

Warm your brains up with this episode from Numberblocks

Today you will be looking at the 10 in a bed rhyme and counting back from 10. Here is a link to a 10 in the bed song:

Here is the link to Miss Coopers lesson.


I have also added a few links to other songs counting down from 10. 

10 green bottles

10 fat sausages


The activity is attached below. 


As Monday was a TD we are a day behind with the Math videos. The extra lesson is bingo using numbers 1-10 so we will do this together on our TEAMS sessions today. See Dojo for timings. 

Topic - Understanding the World. 

Today we are going to be talking about habitats and where different animals live. Watch my video where we go through what this means and think about different places and animals. 

At the end of the video I would like to you listen to this and complete the challenge I set (This hasn't shown at the end of the video so see photo below) (stop after 5 minutes)



Still image for this video