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Monday 25th January

Daily Jobs:

  1. Practice writing our cursive letter of the day which is 'l'. Have a look at this video to show you how to write it: 
  2. Share your school book. If you have read your book lots of times you can find lots here:    Username: pluto1234        Password: Nursteed -  or on the EPIC reading website.


Learning intention: to recognise and blend ‘ng’

Use your phonic book to recap the sounds we have learnt so far. This is a great song to help with actions too..

Today we are learning ‘ng’

Here is the link to our game today:


LI: To write a label

Watch my video below. Today we are going to write labels for our pirate picture. Remember it doesn't matter if you don't write all the sounds, in Pluto class we use our phonics so don't forget your flicky fingers!!



Still image for this video


LI: to recognise and represent number 6

Warm up our brains with this new song!

Today Miss Cooper talks about the story 'Six Dinner Sid' Before playing the Math video you could watch the video of me telling the story below smiley


Still image for this video

Once you have watched the story here is the link to todays Math video... 

White Rose Maths: Growing 6, 7, 8! Week1 Session 1:

I have uploaded the follow up activity mentioned by Mrs Cooper but also an extension. The extension is completely optional so please don't feel you have to do it.  


There is also this lovely numberblocks episode all about number 6!

Topic - Understanding The World 

This week we are going to be exploring Floating and Sinking. Each day I will set you a challenge surrounding this and eventually we will be making our very own Pirate ship that can float (hopefully!)

Today I would like you to watch this video all about floating and sinking.

Today your task is to select items from your house and test them in a bowl/sink to see if they float or sink! Can you sort the items between things that float and sink and send me a picture?