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Reading LI: To create a book review or make a character profile

Task 2 -

Read chapter 11 and the character profiles. Complete your own book review of the story or make your own character profile of another animal that Evie interviews. Maybe the mosquito or the cabypara? Use the examples to help you. You have extra time on Thursday and Friday to complete this if you need more time.

Example Book Review:


As we experience a global climate emergency and our rainforest is being destroyed at a faster rate than ever, this short story by Matt Haig seems to have particular message. It is a further adventure in the Evie and the Animals story that was also illustrated by Emily Gravett.  It continues the story of Evie, who has discovered she has the unique ability to communicate with animals.  This talent has brought her a lot of fame (and instagram followers) which presents itself problematically at the start of the story – causing the decision to escape to the Amazon Rainforest. Which Dad eventually agrees to!


It’s here she meets some pink dolphins, a sloth named ‘Ah’, a jaguar and a professor who’s trying in vain to protect the needless destruction of the forest.  This is where Evie decides to use her powers (and fame) for good, deciding to interview the animals of the forest to find out what it’s really like for them – publishing it on the internet and eventually in newspapers around the world! This does nothing to stop her fame (ending up with more followers than Ed Sheeran!) but it does save the rainforest! I think any environmentally aware child in Years 3 or 4 who are moving into reading stories with geography or animals would love this story and would definitely want to read more about Evie’s adventures.