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Science - LI: To learn and use the Linnaeus classification method.


Read through the Poweproint and then have a go at the activity. You will need an ipad, tablet or computer to do the research part.


Pick an animal and look at its Wikipedia page. Each shows the classification journey underneath the picture of the animal. Can you see how the leopard differs to the elephant?

Look at the classification journeys of any animals you'd like.


Challenge: Look up the following cretaures and find their latin names. 

1. reptile

2. dog

3 bear

4. salamander

If you are a Harry Potter fan, look up Wolf - What do you notice?


Now choose one animal and complete the classification journey like the one on my powerpoint for your chosen animal. You can draw your own or use the blank template to record on and decorate by colouring the boxes and accurately drawing your chosen animal.

Friday 5th March - Science

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