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Science - LI - To create my own way of classifying animals.

Our topic this term for Science is Living things and their Habitats.


1. Find someone to play what is it? with. You will need some post its to stick on your head. Both you and your partner write a living thing on it but don't let the other one see, stick it carefully on your partners forehead.  You  will have 20 questions to try to guess what is written on your post it note. Take it in turns to ask questions. The first person to guess correctly wins. 


Activity - 

Cut out the pictures of the animals (from the document below)  and sort them into 5 different groups based ONLY on their physical and behavioural characteristics.


1. NO animal can fit into more than 1 category.
2. All animals must be placed in a category.
3. Each category must be defined by ONLY 1 feature either behavioural or physical.


When you are happy with the groups, stick them down and then add some speech bubbles for each category explaining  why the animals belong together in that group.