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Read the text on 'The Moon' and answer the comprehension questions (see attachment).



From the class text we have been reading ‘Cosmic’, I’d like the children to write a description of the main character Liam. Can they put ‘Liam’ in a brainstorm and suggest some adjectives about him. Once they have done that they can write a description about his appearance and personality. They must include AT LEAST 2 similes e.g. "He is as tall as..."



We are practising multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits. From the three sets, children can choose Set A, B or C to complete. Watch the video below to recap how to do this method. 



Applying what we know about Space, the children can create their own planet. Once they have thought of the main features (name, population, properties etc.), they need to write a description of their planet putting all of their ideas together. If they finish this, they can complete the Trip to Space worksheet where they have to imagine they are going on a trip to Space, what 10 items they’d take and why (see attachment).