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Thursday 21st January

Daily Jobs:

  1. Practice writing your name using cursive letters – you can use pens, chalk or get a tray of flour, rice etc. and have a go! If you can already write your name have a go with other letters using the handwriting strip. There are also videos here to show you the cursive writing.
  2. Share your school book. If you have read your book lots of times you can find lots here:    Username: pluto1234        Password: Nursteed


Learning intention: to recognise and blend ‘th’

Use your phonic book to recap the sounds we have learnt so far. This is a great song to help with actions too..

Today we are recapping ‘th’ as this digraph makes 2 sounds (2)

Our game today:




LI: to use and understand the words ‘full’ and ‘empty’

Warm up our brains with one of our favourite songs:

Today we are learning about capacity, exploring what 'full' and 'empty' means. Watch Miss Cooper explaining what capacity means! White Rose Maths: Week 3 session 2

Today it is time to explore and have fun with capacity! I would love to see a photo of your learning today. 


LI: to write simple words

Watch my video below. 

Today we are going to think of the sound words to go with the parts of the story we have changed. We can write one word for each part of our new story. Remember if you can only manage a couple of sounds per word then that is ok. If you have space you could add it to your story map. If not then you could write it on a seperate piece of paper. Don't forget to send me a photo so I can use your ideas to make the story map!! 


Still image for this video

EAD (Art)

Yesterday we started our new topic all about Pirates! This afternoon I would like you to design your very own pirate! First of all share the ebook story I have added below. Look closely at what pirates wear and think about what your own pirate would look like!

You will need to keep your picture ready for next weeks writing activity!

Will he wear a hat? Will she have a parrot? Eye patch?

You can create your pirate however you like, paint, pens, crayons, chalk, collage!