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Daily Jobs:

Reading lists: Today I would like to you have a go at reading your key word lists. How many do you know? Remember you can make flashcards, hide and find them, play snap, use them with your cars and read them as you drive over. Any way to keep reading those words! 

Spelling lists: Pick 3 words you are unsure of, have a go at writing these e.g. in flour, chalks, with paint, magnetic letters etc. Stick with these 3 for now and then when you have learnt those we can move onto 3 more :) 


LI: to read phase 3 tricky words

Recap the tricky words by watching this video

Today we are going to play a game a game of snap with someone in your family. Ask someone (or you can have a go) to write the following words to make your snap cards (you could pick half). You will need to write each word twice! 

Phase 3: we, me, she, he, be, you, are, all, her, was, they, my


If these words are a bit tricky you could play the same game with these tricky words

Phase 2: I, no, go, to, the, into 


Can you say the word when you find a matching pair? What other games could you play with your cards?


LI: To talk and write about our favourite story 

Today it is world book day. Watch my video where I share one of my favourite stories with you. At the end I talk about why I like this book. Could you draw a picture of your favourite story and tell me why you like it? 


**I have had to upload in 2 parts and the video wouldn't upload


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


LI: To find ways to make 10

Warm up your brains with this song:

Here is the link for your lesson today: Today you will be going on a number hunt once you have counted how many more counters you need to make 10. You could print these or draw your own. 

I have attached the activity below with an optional extension. 


World Book Day 

Today it is world book day! At school we would usually dress up and enjoy lots of stories. As we are still at home I will be on TEAMS reading a range of stories throughout the afternoon. You can come and listen to as many of them as you like! 

1pm - Oi Cat

1.30pm - Harry and the Dinosaurs make a Splash

2pm- Owl Babies 

2.30pm- The Rainbow Fish


If you don't join in with the sessions have a look at some of the stories here or share some stories you have at your house. Maybe you could make a cozy area with pillows to read your books.