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Thursday 28th January

Daily Jobs:

1. Reading, this could be your school book or an online story.  You can find lots here:    Username: pluto1234        Password: Nursteed -  or on the EPIC reading website. It could also be reading a handful of words on flashcards etc. 

2. Practise your reading and spelling lists. Remember you do not need to write all of your spellings, you could pick a few to focus on. You could also build them using magnetic letters, write in flour, chalks, paint etc. 


Learning intention: to recognise and blend ‘igh’

Today we are learning ‘igh’

I have recorded a video for phonics today (see below, I apologise for the quality, I had real trouble with this one!)

Here is the link to our game today, we play a game in the video so if the game below is too much please don’t worry about it.


Still image for this video


LI: to retell a story

Watch my video where I model the activity for today.

After sending all of the photos of the letters to Pirate Pete we need to get going with retelling the story! I have created a story map using all of your ideas to recreate the story. Today your activity is to use the photo of the story map I have uploaded to practice retelling the story. 

(No written aspect today - focus on verbally retelling the story)


Still image for this video

Photo for you to use for your retelling of the story,


LI: to match 6, 7 and 8. 

Warm up our Math brains with a counting to 100 challenge!!

Here is the link to todays Math session - Session 4.

Below I have attached the activity set by Miss Cooper as well as an optional extra. 


An extra numberblocks episode.


Topic – Understanding The World.

Today we are going to design a pirate boat using what we have found out this week. I would like you to draw a picture of what your pirate ship will look like and what materials you will use to build it. E.g. will it float if it is made of Lego? Lolly pop sticks? Cardboard box? Make sure you keep your design as we will be building and testing this next week!!