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Thursday 4th February

Daily Jobs:

Reading lists: Today I would like to you have a go at reading your key word lists. How many have you got? You could make flashcards for the ones your aren't sure of to practice. 

Spelling lists: Pick 3 words you are unsure of, have a go at writing these e.g. in flour, chalks, with paint, magnetic letters etc. Stick with these 3 for now and then when you have learnt those we can move onto 3 more :) 


LI: to read and write the 'ar' digraph

Here is a song to recap the digraphs we have learnt so far.

Today Mr MC is teaching us all about the 'ar' sound like in 'dark' and 'part'

Here is a game to play too.




LI: to write an instruction

Watch my video where I explain the activity for today. Today we are going to write our own instruction for someone in our family to read. You could do this alongside me on the video or think of your own after the lesson. 


Still image for this video


LI: to combine 2 groups

Warm up our brains with this song -

Today Miss Cooper is teaching you all about combing 2 groups (addition) 

Here is the link (Session 4)

I have uploaded the activity below with an optional extra online game which is adding numberblocks!

I have also added the video this way incase the other link isn't working.


Today we are going to look at some pirate songs! Have a listen and see if you can join in with the songs!

If you have any instruments you could play alongside the song. Do you need to play quickly? Slowly? Loudly? Quietly? If you don't have an instrument you could clap, tap or stamp your feet!!