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Thursday 4th March

Introduction to World Book Day - Live session at 9am

Reading - World Book Day activity

As it's World Book Day, I would like you to think of or find your favourite book of ALL TIME. Why is it your favourite? What do you enjoy about it? Why would you recommend it to other people? It could be a book we have read in school, a book from home or a reading book you have read. 

Complete a review of your favourite book on the template below.

World Book Day Assembly - 10:30am

Join David Walliams' live World Book Day Assembly!

English - World Book Day activity

One of the World Book Day free books this year is called 'Skysteppers' by Katherine Rundell. Study the front cover carefully. What is happening? What is the person doing? Where are they? Why are they up there? 

Write your own story based on the picture and title your story 'Skysteppers'. The plot and characters can be anything you like, but you must involve the image in your writing somehow!

If you would like some ideas, watch the author talking about the story here.


5 Minute Maths


Read to yourself or a grown up 10-15 minutes. Post a picture of your reading or your reading book on Dojo! 


LI: To draw facial features.

Complete the activity below. Use the step by step guide to help you!