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Tuesday 18th October

Reading to continue Mr Tom.


LI: To analyse 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae


What is the poem about?


Who is the speaker in the poem? Whose voice can we hear? (see line 6).

What did the men experience before they died? Explain using evidence from the text and write this in a paragraph.


Look through each verse and discuss.



Stanza 1. How does nature react to the conflict of the First World War?

How does McCrae make the fighting seem different to the nature around it?

Which images has McCrae chosen to begin his poem? Why do you think he chose these?


Stanza 2. Work with the person nearest to you to annotate this stanza.

What do you notice about the language and structure of the first 2 stanzas?

What do you notice?

How does McCrae use language and structure to have the most impact on the reader?


Stanza 3. How many lines are there? How many syllables are there in each line?

Does this stanza include a refrain? Where?

What do you think is the speaker’s message to fighting soldiers in this stanza?

How does the tone of the poem seem to change in this final stanza? Why?


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