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Tuesday 6th September

Good morning 🤩


Start to read the first few chapters of ‘Respect’ by Michaela Morgan all about Walter Tull. Chat to an adult about what you have found out and how you feel about this. Was life fair? How would you feel? etc.


For the grammar session, go to BBC bitesize (link below) and talk about all you know about adverbs. 
The Adverbs PowerPoint on Deepening understanding (link below) write the

LI: To revise adverbs (with today’s full date).

Then write out what you think the answers are on each PowerPoint page. Write in clear handwriting and refer back to the BBC bitesize. If you don’t know, have a guess and I can always go through this with you.


The afternoon is quick Maths and try Monday and Tuesday. Write on the sheet if you have it. I’ll attach that too. I’ll also put up the answers 😊

Then we have PE so it’s exercises at home!

Have a good day!

Mrs Dunstone ☺️