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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Wednesday 13.01.21

Hello everyone,

 As you know Mr Butterfield is in school this week, so I will be your point of contact for the day.  If there is anything I can help with, you can message me via Dojo.


I will be live on TEAMs at 9:10 to say hello and go through the learning for the day. I will also start you off with your PSHE lesson. I hope to see you there.


Mrs Townsend smiley

PSHE - Live at 9:10am 

LI - to begin to explore family differences and diversity.

Join our TEAMs meeting to participate- Can't wait to see you - or  go through the Powerpoint in your own time and complete the activity.


I hope to record the meeting for those that can't make the live or want to access it later. 



LI - to learn how Hinduism began and developed.


Please watch the video on the link below and complete the activities. You will need some paper to write on and a pen/pencil. 


Let me know what score you get on the quiz at the end


LI - to learn about notable artists and to use them as inspiration for my own work.


There are two activities for this session.

1. Read the short powerpoint and spend some time looking at the work Arcimboldo created.

2. Create your own self-portrait in the style of Arcimboldo. You could draw, paint or even, gather some fruit and vegetables and take a photo depending on the resources you have available. Be sure to ask first before helping yourself to the fruit and vegetables.


LI: To revise perimeter.