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Wednesday 6th January

Mrs Dunstone is in school so will not be able to answer questions until the afternoon. I have booked our TEAMS meeting in at 3:30pm tomorrow, if you can make it! Instructions are on Dojo.

Well done those of you who submitted work yesterday. Don't forget to use a ruler and think carefully about your presentation. I have given Dojo points as I have marked work.



Click on Oak Academy: Reading for pleasure session 1.

Record reading in your reading record. See link above.


Writing: LI: To introduce my speech in a clear paragraph.

Continue from yesterday. From your plan, are you able to introduce your speech? Read the example below to support you in your learning. You only need to introduce your speech. Think carefully about the vocabulary you choose and whether your piece is a discussion or a persuasive piece.

Hello. I am a Y6 pupil at Nursteed Community Primary School. My chosen topic is the Wiltshire Air Ambulance or WWA and I am asking the question: What is the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and does it receive any government funding?  The reason I have chosen this topic is because I  feel passionate about it and that the government needs to act fast on it. I feel this because there are lots of accidents happening in our county and sometimes the road ambulance can’t get there in time. Also, there might not be an air ambulance around if the government doesn’t start to fund the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.



Worksheets number two in the list for the week. I will try to upload the worksheets for you to type on from your devices.

Make sure if you are using paper, you use a ruler. Before uploading them to Dojo Portfolio, please mark them and complete any corrections.




Keep practising your key words given out to you at the end of Term 2.



Keep working through the work from yesterday's Oak Academy, making notes as you progress in order to create  a poster about the unit at the end of the unit.



 Go for a walk with your family and splash in some puddles!