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Wednesday 10th February

Daily Jobs: 

1. Practice your letters. This could be writing in flour, sand, with paints, chalk or pens! Whichever you would like to use. Today our letter is 'a' here is a video to help:

2. Reading. You could read your school book, a story from EPIC, Oxford Owl or homemade flashcards. I have also uploaded a few sentences which you could read if you would prefer. 


LI: To read and write the short 'ur' sound

Here is a song to recap the digraphs we have learnt so far.

Today Mr MC is teaching us all about the short 'ur' sound like in 'fur' and 'curl'

Here is a game to play too.


LI: to listen and respond 

Today I am going to read you some fun facts about pirates. When we have finished reading I have got some questions for you to answer. You can answer them verbally or get someone to write your answers for you because this lesson is all about listening and responding to what we have heard. 

Could you draw a picture of your favourite fact?
Questions uploaded below. 


Still image for this video


LI: to order the days of the week

Warm up our brains with this counting song -

Today Miss Cooper is teaching you all about the days of the week. In the lessons she talks about a story that I have recorded below, please watch this first :)

Here is the link

I have uploaded the activity below. 


Still image for this video

EAD (Expressive Arts and Design)

At the weekend I spoke to Mrs Thomas and she has had a great idea to make our own treasure chests. Last week we talked about what would be in our chest and you all had some great ideas!! 

I have found some treasure chests using egg boxes so you could do the same or you could use any other box you have in your house. 

Once you have made your treasure chest you could go on a walk/explore your garden or house to find treasure that will fit inside!! 

Have fun!