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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Through kindness, teamwork and determination we thrive.’


Over the last couple of months we have been carrying out our annual review of our Behaviour Policy to ensure it is as clear and helpful as it can be for everyone.


The School Council has been considering what good behaviour looks like and what behaviour we want to stop. This work is now continuing in the classes. The teachers have been looking at our systems to promote good behaviour and we have updated some of these so that we have more consistency across the school, as some children said they would like this.


All classes now have Marbles in the Jar as a whole class reward for good learning behaviour, with a whole class reward when they reach the top. We now have a five point system of reminders and consequences when people make poor behaviour choices.


Our Policy now includes lots of helpful advice and guidance, so is quite long, as it is a reference document for staff. We have therefore produced a short summary of the key systems.  Both of these documents can be viewed here and we would welcome any comments you have on them by 15th May so they can be considered before the policy goes to the Governors for ratification.

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