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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Through kindness, teamwork and determination we thrive.’

Who's Who

Teaching Staff


Head Teacher



Mrs. K. Vousden

Deputy Head Teacher 

Miss A. Cope 



Mrs A. Dunstone 




Miss A. Cope - Pluto Class (YR) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday



Mrs L. Mackenzie - Pluto Class (YR) Thursday and Friday



Mrs K-M Rew - Mars Class (Y1) Maternity Leave



Miss L. Pottinger - Mars Class (Y1) Maternity Cover



Miss R. Collings - Neptune Class (Y2) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday



Miss L. James - Neptune Class (Y2) Thursday and Friday



Mrs C. Garratt - Mercury Class (Y3)



Miss J. Kennedy - Jupiter Class (Y5)



Mrs A. Dunstone - Saturn Class (Y6) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



Mrs T. Milsom - PPA release cover and Supply cover


Support Staff

Administration Team 

Mrs C. Ayles


Miss S. Isaac



Parent Support Adviser 
Teaching Assistant Team 

Mrs. S. Bogert



Mrs. G. Doxford



Mrs. E. Gaule



Mrs. M. Kitching



Mrs. F. McMullen



Mrs. L. Poole



Mrs N. Preen



Miss. H. Smith



Mrs. Z. Talbot



Mrs. A. Young



Mrs. G. Mowat ELSA




Midday Supervisors' Team




Mrs N. McLaren



Mrs K. Hayes



Mrs. A. McGuire



Mrs. J. Rose



Mrs. W. Waite

Premises Team 

Mr. D. Rose

Mrs. A. McGuire

Ms S. Scammell 

Mrs E. Williams

Catering Team 
Mrs. K. Buckland 


Chair of Governors 
Mr Andrew Geddes 
Clerk to the Governors 

There is more information about our school governors on the Governors' own page.