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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Through kindness, teamwork and determination we thrive.’

Physical Education

PE is led by Mrs MacKenzie

We aim to to provide children with fun, motivating and engaging experiences and hope that they continue their participation in sport outside of school.


National Curriculum:

At Nursteed, we following the National Curriculum to deliver our PE lessons and to meet objectives.  All children receive two hours a week of PE and many children participate in after school sports clubs. 


Key Stage 1:

Through a variety of sports and invasion games children experience key fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, balancing, agility and co-ordination. Children have the opportunities to build upon tactics for attacking and defending. 


Key Stage 2:

Pupils continue to develop and broaden a range of skills across a variety of sports and invasion games. Children have the opportunity to assess and evaluate their own performances, thinking about how they can improve their outcomes. 



All children in Years 1 - 6 have the opportunity to swim for two terms. Children are taught how to swim confidently using a range of strokes over 25 metres. 



PE Curriculum Map 2022/23

Curriculum Progression in PE at Nursteed Community Primary School




P.E supports spiritual development by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the body’s performance when exercising.

Through Dance and sports such as Gymnastics pupils are being creative, expressing feelings and emotions in their performances. Allowing pupils’ reflection time to evaluate their experiences allows them to build a positive mindset and promotes progression.



P.E supports moral development by encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle and promoting healthy living is apparent in each P.E lesson.

Pupils develop the ability to tell between right and wrong through fair play in sporting events and participating in competitive situations, giving pupils a sense of justice, and how to respond appropriately when they feel there is an injustice.



P.E supports social development by developing the necessary skills to work in teams or pairs, as the majority of activities are based around team games or creating sequences in groups, co-operation with others is paramount to success.

Giving the pupils roles such as leaders, coaches, or umpires, and offers pupils the opportunity to develop their communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to settle any discrepancies which may occur.



P.E supports cultural development by giving pupils the opportunity to learn games and dances from different traditions, including their own as well being able to appreciate the differences between male and female roles within sport.