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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Through kindness, teamwork and determination we thrive.’


Art is led by Mrs Townsend
At Nursteed our aim is to give every child the opportunity to express themselves through art. We expose them to a range of artists from around the world and close to home, from past and present, and from a range of cultures. We teach them the skills to allow them to explore their own art ideas and take every opportunity to share work in public areas.

Our art curriculum encourages children to be curious, observant, creative and reflective. 


We provide opportunities for the children to:

1. EXPERIENCE a range of stimuli and also the work of others - from a range of cultures, times and gender and a range of styles and media. We teach them to be curious about the work, asking questions, wondering and discovering.

2. RESEARCH for themselves - finding more examples of artists' work, collect images linked to the original stimulus, find out more...

3. BUILD SKILLS often linked to the stimuli at the time. This will be in a range of media and is built upon in each year group.

4. CREATE work linked to the experience, research and skills-building activities already undertaken.

5. REFLECT ON AND REFINE work - often sharing work within a class 'gallery' to discuss what they find interesting about each others' work and to give them chance to think about what they have achieved through the process.


This process is usually recorded in sketchbooks. Work is undertaken in drawing, painting, mixed media, 3D and printing.


Children also have opportunities to enter local competitions so their work is seen by a wider audience. Work is also routinely celebrated through display in school and in class record books.


Progression in Art