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Class Dojo

Teachers use an app called Class Dojo to communicate with parents of children in their class.

At the start of each school year parents receive instructions about how to get and use the app.

Here are a few guidelines to parents about how we use it.



The ‘Stories’ page lets you see a bit of what’s going on in your child’s class. You will already have said if you want your child to feature in school photos so unless you say otherwise we’ll stick to what you’ve told us. If you don’t want your child to feature on the ‘Stories’ page please let us know.



‘Messages’ can be sent between you and your child’s teacher. This feature is for simple, day-to-day, organisational stuff. We’re not using it for a discussion of your child’s progress, nor for raising concerns, though it might help arrange an appointment so you can have a proper face-to-face conversation. (N.B. Mrs Vousden may appear as a contact, but this is so he can periodically monitor the app’s use. Please don’t expect a reply from him via ‘Class Dojo’. Instead, get in touch in the usual way: ‘phone, email, or face-to-face.)



We ask that all the adults linked to a child are aware of who is using Class Dojo for that child. We’ll recognise parents’ names but we may not recognise other partners or step parents as they’re not all listed in school records. Of course, we’ll not send messages to people we don’t know so we may need to approach a parent to find out who’s signing up. We expect all Class Dojo users to be transparent about their use.


Closing accounts

If it should happen that partners split up we will expect to close the account of the person no longer involved in the child’s care. Those with parental rights may wish to continue to use the app, but we rely on you to be told when an account should close please.


The school policy for the use of Class Dojo is available on the 'Policies' Page