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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Music is led by Miss Cope.

At Nursteed our aim is to give every child the chance to enjoy, pursue and progress in music, through appraisal, rehearsal, composition, performance and notation.

Our Music Curriculum

The music curriculum from Early Years to Year 6 gives children the to chance to acquire the musical skills of listening, appraising, improvising, composing and rehearsing through weekly lessons. Each year the children build upon their knowledge and understanding of the musical elements (pitch, pulse, rhythm, dynamics, duration, tempo and timbre). Children learn about a range of musical genres and composers through periods of time in history to the modern day. Throughout the school music lessons include the use of a range of untuned and tuned instruments. In Key Stage 2 children begin to read musical notation as they learn to play glockenspiels and recorders. Children are taught to use their voices expressively (in songs, chants and rhymes) within music lessons, singing assemblies, Key Stage performances and the school Choir Club.


Peripatetic Music Lessons

From Year 1 children are offered peripatetic lessons in drumming and guitar. These lessons offer children the chance to learn for fun, or challenge themselves with musical examinations.


Live Music

At Nursteed we endeavour to give children the experience of live music. In the Autumn term of 2018-2019 we were very fortunate to have a performance and workshop with opera singer Carly Paoli, and in the Autumn term of 2019-2020 we are excited to be hosting a visit from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Skills Progression in Music at Nursteed Primary School

SMSC in Music


Children use their imagination and creativity when responding to music.

Children listen to the music of other children, traditions and faiths respectfully, making sensitive comments.

Children enjoy learning about a range of music from a range of worldwide sources.

Children demonstrate a willingness to reflect on their own musical experiences and those of others.


Children make sensitive constructive comments about their own, and others performances.

Children offer respectful views when talking about music from other cultures, faiths and traditions, and appreciate the view points of others.


Children use a range of social skills when performng and rehearsing with others from different social, ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds.

Children have oportunities to participate inmusical performances with local cluster schools, the wider community and beyond.

Children perform and rehearse together with children from different cultural, social, or faith backgrounds demonstrating tolerance, and demonstrate skills and attributes which allow them to contribute fully and positively.


Children understand and appreciate a wide range of cultural influences in music, both in music from local cultures and those from the wider world.