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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Design and Technology

Design Technology is led by Miss Collings

Design Technology At Nursteed



At Nursteed Primary School we aim for Design and Technology to stimulate creativity and imagination and prepare children to take part in the development of Modern Britain.



Throughout the teaching of Design Technology at Nursteed:


  • We aim to prepare pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies.
  • To help become creative problem solvers as individuals and members of a team.
  • To prepare the children for living in a multi-cultural society by teaching consideration for other culture which will be both important and beneficial. 



At Nursteed we teach our DT through our wide and varied topics ensuring the children have meaningful learning opportunities. To achieve our aims we ensure that the planned activities our children undertake are challenging, motivating, relevant and enjoyable.  We give children confidence in their work by providing continual support, encouragement and feedback.

SMSC in Design Technology



DT supports spiritual development by allowing pupils the opportunity to exercise imagination, inspiration, intuition and insight through creativity and risk taking in analysing, designing and manufacturing a range of products. It instils a sense of awe, wonder and mystery when studying the natural world or human achievement. Encouraging creativity allows pupils to express innermost thoughts and feelings and to reflect and learn from reflection, for example, asking ‘why?’, ‘how?’ and ‘where?’.



DT supports moral development by raising awareness of the moral dilemmas by encouraging pupils to value the environment and its natural resources and to consider the environmental impact of everyday products. It educates pupils to become responsible consumers.



DT supports social development by providing opportunities to work as a team, recognising others’ strengths and sharing equipment. Design Technology promotes equality of opportunity and provides an awareness of areas that have gender issues e.g. encouraging girls to use equipment that has been traditionally male dominated.



DT supports cultural development by encouraging children to reflect on ingenious products and inventions, the diversity of materials and ways in which design technology can improve the quality of life. It investigates how different cultures have contributed to technology and reflects on products and inventions, the diversity of materials and ways in which design can improve the quality of our lives.


British Values 


  •  The children must take the views and opinions into account but still have the right to make their own choices.
  •  To take turns both in speech and practically with others.
  •  To understand that it is not always possible or right to have their own way and understand the value of compromise.


The rule of law

  •  To understand the importance of safety rules when using tools.
  •  To understand and accept that if these rules are not followed that there are consequences to this.


Individual liberty

  • To understand that there are able to listen to others but can use their own ideas and design choices when making an artefact.
  • To accept that others ideas may not be the same as their own but are able to accept this.



  •  To tolerate ideas from others that are different to their own.
  •  To understand that many great design ideas originate from other cultures.


Mutual Respect

  • To listen to and consider the ideas and opinions of others even if they differ from your own.
  • To be able to take turns during discussions to resolve difficulties or make decisions.
  • To offer supportive comments in evaluations that will improve learning outcomes in a way that is objective but sensitive to the listener.