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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Through kindness, teamwork and determination we thrive.’


Nursteed Community Primary School is a terrific place to belong.

We’re a welcoming community, where children are given a wealth of challenging learning experiences. We provide a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum to give children the understanding, skills and attitudes they need now and in the future.


Nursteed School is an attractive modern school. We enjoy outstanding facilities in a light, spacious building. Children are taught in seven classes, one for each primary school age group. The school’s grounds are attractively landscaped and used regularly as a place to learn.


The school was designed to be used by the local community. We have a very large hall which is used regularly by local community groups after school. The school receives valuable support from parents and the wider community and there is an active friends’ association that raises funds and organises social events.


If you have any questions about our school please feel free to call or email to find out more. If you would like paper copies of any documents shown on this website you can request them by email