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Group Reading

Group reading EYFS and Year 1:

Children in EYFS and Year 1 are split into groups of up to 6 children, according to reading ability. Books are pitched at least 2 units before their current phonic unit. The children should be able achieve fluency within the reading session with correctly pitched books.

Each of our reading packs includes: 8 reading books, pre-teach card/s for sound spellings, pre-teach cards for words the children may find challenging to read.

A group reading session will…

  1. Begin with a pre-teach of the focus sound spellings for the unit/book.
  2. Followed by a pre-teach of words the children may find challenging to read, as well as practicing the words at the beginning of the book listed into spellings of the focus sound. 
  3. Beginning from the very front of the book, with the title, children should be encouraged to ‘say the sounds and read the word’, then repeat what they have read a few times to build fluency and expression.
  4. Children should be taught how to read punctuation. For example pausing at commas, and using expression to show exclamations and questions.
  5. While there may be a little discussion around the text, the main purpose is to develop skills and fluency. Any comprehension activity should be done in a separate session with the same text.

Each group will have two group reads per week, and they will read the same book for three consecutive sessions. This will follow the following pattern:

  1. Decode and read together.
  2. Develop fluency and a story teller’s voice
  3. Re-read and answer comprehension questions. These can be the ones provided in the books or created by the TA/Teacher to fit with current learning intention focusses in the class curriculum.


Group Reading in Year 2 to Year 6:

In Year 2 and beyond any child who cannot read with fluency and/or is not reading at the expected standard is placed into a group reading intervention. These intervention group follow the same guidelines as the Group Reading in EYFS and KS1 as above.