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Familiarity with key spellings is really important.

At Nursteed School your child will be sent spellings to work on at home every 4 weeks in Early Years and Key Stage 1, and weekly in Key Stage 2. These are individual to your child and are targeted at the correct level.  They will also work on these spellings in school but the more they can practise them the more secure they are in using them in general work rather than just in a spelling test.

On this page you will find the 40 school spelling lists. These contain keywords which cover all common words, spelling patterns and specific words which are in the National Curriculum. All these words should be known by the end of your child's time at Nursteed. Some will be included in your child's home list and will be worked on at school too. At certain times of year we have an increased focus on these lists. The way in which you can use these lists is to pick them up as extra practice if your child knows their weekly list already or when we are having a big focus on them.

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Spelling lists for Key Stage 2